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State and religious holidays in the Republic of Serbia

(placed on 5th December 2014) Srpski

Law on state and other holidays in the Republic of Serbia
(„Official gazette of RS“, no. 43/01, 101/07 and 92/11)

1) Public (state) holidays

Non-working holidays
– New Year 1st and 2nd January
– Serbian statehood day – Sretenje 15th and 16th February
– Labour day 1st and 2nd May
– Armistice day in Fisrt World War 11th November

If one of the dates when holidays celebrate falls on Sunday, non-working is next working day.

Working holidays:
– Victory day 9th May

2) Religious holidays

Non-working holidays (non-working for all employees):
– First day of Christmas 7th January
– Easter holidays from Good Friday until
the second day of Easter
Employees have the right not to work
in the following days:
– Orthodox – on the first day of the patron saint,
– Catholics and members of other Christian religious communities – on the first day
  of Christmas and during Easter holidays according to their calendar,
– Members of Islamic community – on the first day od Ramadan and Kurban
– Members of Jewish community – on the first day of Yom Kippur

Working holidays
– Saint Sava
– Day of remembrance of the victims of the holocaust,
  genocide and other victims of fascism in Second World War
– Vidovdan – commemorate to the Battle of Kosovo
– Day of remambrance of the Serbian victims in Second World War

  27th January
  22th April

  28th June
  21st October

Author: AKTIVA sistem doo, Novi Sad

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